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DK560   Double K ChallengAir 560 Advanced Cage Dryer
The built-in sensor in this Double K 560 Advanced Cage Dog Dryer monitors air temperature in the cage and turns the heat on or off as needed

Price: $409.95 / Each

This revolutionary cage dryer eliminates the worry of subjecting pets to extreme heat or cold. A patent-pending, sophisticated, low-voltage sensor monitors the air temperature within the cage and sends a signal to the units controller, activating or deactivating the units heating element. No matter what the outside elements may be, animals are dried thoroughly and comfortably through variable heat and air control. The 560 Dryer also has a new, more powerful brushless motor and larger fan that creates over 750 CFM easily the highest in its class! Both intake ports are filtered to eliminate hair and debris from entering. This dryer is virtually maintenance-free. Comes with a 12 cord.
NOTE: Items are not refundable

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